What are the available plans in esolidar?

Our available plans for companies are:

Engage: focused on your employees to invest in their productivity, loyalty, and retention. Connects them to a sense of purpose, meaning, and impact, aligned with the company values. Examples of available features: corporate volunteering, gift cards, and matching donations.

Impact: focused on helping the communities. With this plan, your company develops and implements a complete impact acceleration program.

Retain (AVAILABLE SOON): focused on customers (brand loyalty). It helps to empower the customer to do good. This plan allows companies to create crowdfunding campaigns, charity auctions, and more as embeddable widgets or thru our API.

Learn (AVAILABLE SOON): helps to maximize the impact strategy with data, research, insights, and resources.

The pricing will depend on the number of users in the acquired plan. Contact our sales team to understand how it works for your business.