How can esolidar help my company with a Social Impact Acceleration Program?

Esolidar is an enthusiast of Social Impact Acceleration Programs. The Acceleration Program is an effective path to guide projects through change.

That’s why our platform helps your company build and promote these programs from the beginning to the end!

With the platform, you can communicate the program and create publications for projects and institutions that want to be accelerated. With the white label feature, your company can customize the program's landing page under your branding.

Furthermore, the platform connects the volunteers and helps to promote skills-based volunteering. By sharing skills we can help to develop the community, allowing the accelerated programs to continue growing even after the program ends.

After sharing this knowledge, your company needs to ensure that the program is financially able to keep running. For this, you can use our platform to promote campaigns to help sustain the accelerated project - such as crowdfunding campaigns, charitable marketplaces, or auctions and donations.